Hiking Trail HK
Hiking Trail HK is a Hong Kong hiking mobile app. providing offline map and over 100 hiking trails in HK, and supporting route drawing/sharing, route length/gain/loss calculation, time estimation, GPS location, compass, track logging, deviation alert, and etc.
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Offline map with contour lines
With Hiking Trail HK, you can use the map anywhere without data connection. Plus, you can find many mountain paths in the map. (1)(2)
Find hiking trails in a region
Want to hike in a certain region? With Hiking Trail HK, you can find trails around a region or the map area. You can check the difficulty using the elevation profile. Trail descriptions can be obtained via some web page links. (3)(4)
Draw your own route
Want to draw your own route? After using Hiking Trail HK, you will find that it is a piece of cake. Just move your finger along some ways in the map, and mark several points of interest, then you have your own trail.
View photos along route
Hiking Trail HK integrates the photos in Flickr to help you preview some parts of your route. (5)
Share a route
Hiking Trail HK supports uploading routes to the Hiking Trail HK Trail Search website, which helps you to share routes with friends. (6)
Display several routes and their waypoints
After selected a trail, Hiking Trail HK will show its route and waypoints in the map. If several trails are selected, they are shown in different colors. (7)
Calculate route length, elevation gain/loss, and estimate time
How long will a hike take? Just select the start and end points of a route, and enter your speeds, Hiking Trail HK will estimate the time for you.
Position using GPS and compass
By seeing your position, direction, and planned route in the map, it lowers the chance of getting lost. (8)
Lock GPS
It may take a long time for GPS to get the position if there is no data connection. In this case, the "Lock GPS" function provided by Hiking Trail HK can help you. After locked GPS, GPS will keep open even if the screen is off. So that you can see your position immediately the next time you open the map. (9)
Log your track
The "Track Logger" will show your track in the map, so that you can get back easily when you get lost, or check the time when you reached a place. (10)
Alert you when you deviate from the route
If you open the "Follow Route" function during hiking, Hiking Trail HK will alert you when you deviate from the route, or near a location. (11)